Net Schedule

  • Phone: Mondays, 19:00, Hamaker: 146.85 – 118.8
  • Winlink: Monday – Friday, anytime
  • APRS: Monday – Friday, 07:00-22:00

    Temporarily Suspended
  • JS8CALL: Mondays, 19:00 – 20:00, 40m (7.078 000)

Phone Net

Klamath ARES has it’s primary voice net every Monday evening at 19:00 on the Hamaker repeater 146.850 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 118.8 Hz. The Net Script for our weekly nets is available on our training page under Net Operations.

Digital Nets

Klamath ARES began conducting digital nets in 2018 with a VHF KB2KB (keyboard-to keyboard) packet net. In 2019 we began conducting a weekly Winlink net using the built in Check-In Form.

Beginning in 2020 Klamath ARES added an APRS Message Net and a JS8CALL Net. All appropriately licensed hams are welcome to check in to the weekly digital nets. Digital Net times and procedures are listed below.


Winlink is the easiest digital net to check in to. You may check-in via any mode including telnet at any time during the week Monday through Friday.

  • Use the Winlink Check-In Form
    Standard Templates -> GENERAL -> Winlink Check In
  • Address the check-in to KK6GXG
  • Request a return receipt to make sure your check-in was received
  • Intermediate and Advanced users are encouraged to use radio modes and to use other forms like the ICS-213, or Position Reports instead of the Check-In Form. Let’s mix it up and use a variety of transport and forms.

Winlink is the de facto tool for emergency communications with federal, state, and local government agencies. This net is provided to keep your Winlink software and skills up to date. All check-ins will be added up over the weekend and the counts will be posted below.

Check the Training Page for more detailed information on classroom and web-based training. Also see


This net is an opportunity to practice using the APRS system’s tactical messaging functions to communicate. We will be taking check-ins via APRS Messaging Mon-Fri 07:00-22:00. All check-ins will be counted and tallied below.

The local APRS infrastructure is always evolving. We currently have predominantly one-way gateways, this is however changing. As existing one-way stations are converted to two-way stations and new stations are added to fill in gaps in coverage.

It is important to learn how to utilize this key element of our local emergency communications system to its fullest.

  • Check in by posting ARES NET CHECK-IN as a direct message to KK6GXG, or
  • Check in by SMS via direct message as follows:
    • To: SMSGTE
    • Message: @4085153583 AERS NET CHECK-IN
  • KK6GXG will respond to check-ins. If you do not receive a reply it is likely you are not in range of a two way station.

Direct messaging in the APRS system best, however, it requires both stations to be in direct range of each other or both stations to be in the range of a two-way digipeater, gateway, or I-gate. The APRS-IS option is also acceptable to use, with or without a radio, this will likely ensure APRS message traffic gets through.

APRS to SMS is reliable but is subject to a functioning mobile phone network. It is also subject to the same two-way station concerns as the other methods. APRS-IS is an acceptable connection for check-ins with or without a radio.

Check the Training Page for more detailed information on classroom and web-based training. Also see


JS8CALL is a primarily HF tactical communications tool that we have been working with since late 2019. It has some very useful features; message holding and forwarding as well as group messaging. It is the group messaging feature that we will be using for this net. The net will be conducted on Mondays, 19:00 – 20:00 on the 40m band (7.078 000)

The JS8CALL Net schedule is currently suspended.

  • Mondays, 19:00 – 20:00, 40m (7.078 000)
  • Monitor for Net Control to request check-ins on the @KARES group
  • Post a message to the @KARES group ARES NET CHECK-IN
  • Net Control will send confirmations of stations copied

Check the Training Page for more detailed information on classroom and web-based training. Also see

2020 Net Record

        Ph/    Pkt/  WL2K/ APRS/ JS8/  NTS
        CkIns  CkIns CkIns CkIns CkIns MSGS
 JAN    35     1     8     1     3     4
 FEB    -      -     -     -     -     -
 MAR    23     1     7     1     1     3
 APR    44     1     11    1     1     6
 MAY    46     x     2     x     x     1
 JUN    52     x     2     x     x     0
 JUL    35     x     13    x     x     0
 AUG    55     4     18    4     x     0
 SEP    55     4     12    4     x     0
 OCT    62     5     13    4     x     1
 NOV    79     5     16    5     x     1
 DEC    -      x     -     -     x     -